Holocaust Controversies idiot Nick Terry opens his mouth yet again!

Here is a post from the bloated Exeter professor

Dr. Nicholas Terry!

Her writes:

What exactly do ‘revisionists’ want?

Holocaust denial and related subjects.

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What exactly do ‘revisionists’ want?

Post #1 Postby nickterry » Thu Mar 20, 2014 11:09 am

Serious question for the ‘revisionists’ here: what exactly do you want?

I’m not asking ‘revisionists’ to tell us what you think we think you want, or asking non-revisionists to say what they think revisionists want. I’m asking the ‘revisionists’ here what they want. That means what they want to see happen, what outcomes they want from ‘revisionist’ activism.

My only presumption here is that ‘revisionists’ want something more than the chance to sound off on internet forums. But if that’s all you want, hey! say so!


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To the fat pig of Exeter, we ask this on behalf of all people:

What is it that YOU want oh bloated one? Forget revs, who cares about them, why are claiming to be a holocaust historian and running/promoting a known hate blog who’s members have been connected to fakes, forgeries, smear campaigns, tax evasion, copyright infringement, slander, malware attacks and domain theft?

Its your group Nick, your friends, your pals! How does Exeter stand for such a putrid lout such as yourself?

Do they know how your friend Sergey Romanov tried to black mail Holocaust historians and you were copied in the email and DID NOTHING ABOUT IT! <– nice huh!

Do they know about your buddy Michael Peters from German and the nasty stuff he's connected too?

Do they know about your associate Andrew E. Mathis threatening people, including a 70 year old woman?

Do they know about your partner Roberto Muehlenkamps psychotic drug use and bi-polar disease?

Hmmmm I bet there is a lot of things people don't know about Dr. Nicholas Terry!

Nick Terry the fat pig of Exeter University put on trial at the RODOH forum!

Holocaust Controversies founders Nick Terry and Andrew Mathis put on trial!

Founding members of the notorious hate blog are being put on trial at RODOH!

Nick Terry on Trial

(image taken from a post on the RODOH forum)

This just in from the RODOH forum

Post subject: The International RODOH Tribunal or IRT !
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Dear RODOH membership,
At one time RODOH was a lively debate forum specific to the Holocaust, that commanded respect on the Internet.
Scott created an open environment based upon free speech principals and ethical discourse. Sadly, this lofty goal was diminished over time.
Scott became busy with other pursuits and some unsavory individuals were entrusted with administration of the forum.
Scott is blameless in this, he trusted members to uphold the ethical unwritten code of conduct and truth, and he was betrayed. As was the entire roster of forum membership, both then, and now.
Nasty things happened here at RODOH, members were spied upon, free speech principals discarded, administration responsibilities abused, and peoples privacy intruded upon, a sad, sad time for RODOH.
I am proposing the perpetrators be brought to trial by the forum membership.
I for one, would like to see this forum restored to its former glory.
I think both revisionists and believers alike deserve a forum to discuss and debate their views without fear of censorship or retribution.
To restore confidence in the forum, the guilty must be brought to justice.
Members need to know they are safe and protected by the moderation team.
Formal proposal to follow shortly, but it would be good to hear from those who agree.
The accused to be tried in the IRT are:
Dr. Nicholas Terry – a known spammer, controversialist and hate blogger. He stands accused of abuse and misuse of his former role as a moderator to attack Revisionists, to censor threads and edit their posts ( illegally)
Andrew E. Mathis – a despicable thug who has hurt and harmed thousands online and in real life, even stopping so low as to threaten to beat up a seventy year old woman. He stands accused of misusing his admin privileges on RODOH to mine and harvest the IPs of revisionists and Holocaust believers, using info to locate them, harassing them at their jobs, supplying personal information to authorities in an attempt to harm them legally, and blatant disregard of the forums free speech principals.
Duke Umeroffen -formerly known as Nexgen, the worthless forum drunk. He allowed himself to be used as a tool by Nick Terry, Mathis and other controversial hate bloggers to commit the same crimes of Terry and Mathis after those two were removed from moderation roles.
The trial against these three individuals is what this thread is about.
It is not an attack thread against Revs or Hate bloggers, it is only about these three individuals and what THEY did to the RODOH forum and its members.
Duke, Wolf, Bernard and others are desperate to derail the topic.
This will not happen.
_________________ Blogbuster
Get the facts about Holocaust Controversies. Read the thread “Holocaust Controversies Exposed” http://forum.rodoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=667 (new window)
Or visit Hate Blog Watch http://www.nazihunter.net (new window)

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The real story about hate blogger and kook Dr. Nick Terry of Exeter

The real facts behind the obsessive hatred that all members of the Holocaust Controversies hate blog have

for the Holocaust memorial websites ARC and H.E.A.R.T

Holocaust Controversies – A web of deceit!   [Part 1]

Debunking the lies of Sergey Romanov and the HolocaustControversies hate blog team!


Chris Webb

Carmelo Lisciotto



Nick Terry the extremist of Exeter University

Sergey Romanov – the loony hateblogger still chasing Bigfoot and revisionists

Roberto Muehlenkamp (self-admitted manic depressive kook and Internet thug)

Andrew E. Mathis  known as the “weasel”, documented extremist and thug

Michael “the molester” Peters of Alfstedt, Germany – investigated for a number of vulgar and inappropriate actions

Why Sergey Romanov has fabricated his “great lie,” and why he promotes hatred against Carmelo Lisciotto and Chris Webb of The Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team.

Where it all began

In the beginning there was Carmelo Lisciotto, Chris Webb, and a documented Internet troll named Sergey Romanov.

Carmelo Lisciotto is a well respected Information Technology professional with over 26 years of  international experience in his field. Mr. Lisciotto’s illustrious career includes working with a number of highly recognized organizations such as the FBI, the National Security Agency, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, the United Nations in Vienna, and other well-known commercial entities many of which are household names. He has been asked to speak on technology matters around the world and is often engaged as the subject matter expert for a host of news organizations relating to technology or IT security concerns. In other words the man is a pro and anyone who has ever had the experience of working with him, for him, or even corresponded with him would agree with this statement.

Carmelo is also the North American director of the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team www.HolocaustResearchProject.org

Chris Webb is a well respected Historian who has authored several books about the Holocaust and is considered to be the foremost expert on the Treblinka death camps by many International scholars. Chris maintains one of the largest private Holocaust related photo archives in the world, and much of what you see on the Internet today comes from is archive. Chris is the founder and owner of the Action Reinhard Camps website www.deathcamps.org (the very same site attacked by Sergey Romanov, Nick Terry, Roberto Muehlenkamp and others).

Chris is also the EU director of the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team. www.HolocaustResearchProject.org

Sergey Romanov is a known troll who has been visible on the scene since the mid 1990’s. Sergey Romanov is Russian born but attended University in upstate NY, has family in Brooklyn and currently lives in Toronto although he vehemently denies this. He still claims he lives in Moscow and loves to hide behind anonymous proxy servers in order to remain hidden, but we have his University transcripts, photos (that we can’t yet reveal as we do have standards), and other relevant information about the criminal Sergey Romanov.  His Internet proclivities tend towards skeptic groups and forums that attack religious believers of all faiths, political conservatism, and left wing anarchy sites, but he’s run the gamut with everything from Holocaust denial to Bigfoot and even UFO sightings!

A few quick examples of his activity in newsgroups that wasn’t deleted or removed for spamming (there are thousands of others)

So what’s the connection?

Throughout the early to late nineties Mr. Lisciotto was a well known volunteer USENET moderator policing the .alt groups in accordance with USENET polices. Mr. Lisciotto, was one of the original members of the Internet Software Consortium, Inc. the organization that maintains and publishes the central Usenet moderators list and relays for moderated groups so individual server operators don’t have to track moderator changes, etc…

In this capacity, Lisciotto was often called upon to moderate disputes, remove SPAM and trolling, and ban known USENET offenders. This role certainly did not make him many friends among the spammers and trolls who would often flood USENET with forged posts and inflammatory comments. Many of these trolls would retaliate against Mr. Lisciotto by impersonating him in posts on a number of sexual sites and religious groups simply to annoy or discredit him.

Sergey Romanov often links to these SPAM and TROLL posts in his fabricated lies in an attempt to make people believe that Lisciotto was a troll and disregarding the fact he was the actual moderator deleted the spam and trolling! (suggest Sergey do his homework next time and learn just who he’s lying about… Romanov was never known to be all that bright)

It was on USENET (newsgroups) that Mr. Lisciotto would inevitably crossed paths with the notorious TROLL and hate blogger Sergey Romanov. Sergey was/still is an emotionally insecure lad was obsessed with picking fights and debating people on a number of topics from politics to peter pan! This appears to be his way of receiving any form of respect (as warped as that may seem), and it was during this period in the 90’s that he loved to frequent Skeptic forums, UFO sightings, religious forms, revisionist forums, Bigfoot sightings, (all the typical loony sections of the ALT newsgroups), specifically seeking out controversial topics and threads where he could  at first make what appeared to be a credible argument, but the real goal was to bait participants into joining the discussion, and when  he had earned their trust he would pounce on them publicly in order to humiliate them!

Much like he still does today at holocaustcontroversies.blogspot(dot)com – the LittleGreenFootballs forum, like he did on RODOH for years, as well as CODOH, Axis History Forum and thousands of others. (all are searchable on Google for users to learn for themselves) !

Anyone who has ever had the displeasure of interacting with Sergey Romanov knows exactly what we mean… (the guy is a nutcase).

Sergey Romanovs USENET SPAM  and abusive posts were deleted by Mr. Lisciotto on numerous occasions, and despite Sergey’s best efforts to flood the newsgroups, he simply couldn’t match Carmelo Lisciotto’s technical expertise to issue USENET KILL FILES, and delete his trash.

Soon after in utter disappointment, Sergey left USENET for other areas of the Internet (mainly infesting other Holocaust historical websites provided the perfect forum for his nonsense), yet he never forgot his hatred for Mr. Lisciotto, and from what we still see on Romanov’s hate blog, that hatred still exists to this day!

Sergey Romanov fancies himself a clever guy. He has fabricated an intricate tale about the famous website www.deathcamps.org and managed to lamely weave in his own activity creating forged Holocaust photos, and documents into his twisted narrative.

He created this bogus fabrication back in 2006  and posted it on his Holocaust Controversies hate blog. This fabrication is complete with fake emails, fake characters, impersonations, harassment, and smear campaigns, etc. etc.

Yet  if creating the bogus narrative wasn’t enough, he then went on to spam Wikipedia, and thousands of other blogs and forums with links to this fabrication on his own hate blog, professing it to be evidence of his lies about Lisciotto and Webb!

Can you believe that crap? This loon actually hopes that people won’t realize that he is the real author of the lying posts he links too, he hopes that they will mistakenly believe they are written by a reputable author or historian instead of an Internet kook and liar! (More on this to come in the next section)

* We suggest that before anyone believes the lies of Sergey Romanov, that they take a moment to research information about Mr. Lisciotto and learn the facts. Posts about him or others on the Holocaust Controveries hate blog are the lies of Sergey Romanov.

USENET links going back to the 1990’s about Lisciotto or professing to be about him are early Romanov attacks or the attacks of other TROLLS that he banned during his days as a USENET moderator.

Our own extensive research has proven that Carmelo Lisciotto has never engaged in public controversy, hate blogs, idiotic forums or Internet based disputes. The negative propaganda put forth by Sergey Romanov and his criminal associates is nothing more than lies, slander and libel.  We would love to see any evidence of Mr. Lisciotto or Mr. Webb engaging in despicable activity,  we will gladly review any credible proof providing its something more than the lies of  the loony Sergey Romanov.

When broached with the subject of these hate bloggers in a past interview, Mr. Lisciotto rolled his eyes and made the following statement:

“Sergey Romanov, and the Holocaust Controversies crowd, however negative, are as much a part of the technology new world order as those of us who prefer to see the Internet and its resources used for the greater good. 

An unfortunate reality is that you can’t simply have the good without the bad, and  those guys are pretty bad…”

-Carmelo Lisciotto

We say – “Bravo Mr. Lisciotto for your tireless efforts in promoting a better Internet!

Sergey Romanov and his post USENET crimes


Several years passed without any further interaction between hate blogger Sergey Romanov and Information Technology expert Carmelo Lisciotto, and would probably have remained so if it weren’t for strange circumstances surrounding a common interest between these two individuals.

Mr. Lisciotto is himself a published historian with a passion for World War 2 and military history, and the TROLL Sergey Romanov shares a similar passion. The difference is Sergey Romanov chooses to pursues it with a much more nefarious purpose. How you may ask?

Well sometime during his years of trolling newsgroups, Romanov discovered that the topic of the Holocaust and Holocaust denial was a perfect platform from which to pick fights and to attack others.

Having learned from his past experiences being banned and deleted on USENET, he realized that being the aggressor often resulted in being perceived as such, and this was not helpful to his trolling efforts. Yet if he were to attack others from a position most would perceived as the “moral high ground”, then he usually stood a better chance of getting away with his attacks without suffering a ban or deletion from the moderators.

Since Romanov lives for controversy (hence the name of his blog: Holocaust Controversies, no coincidence there), this new approach of pretending to fight revisionists was the perfect venue for him to grandstand, and bully people online.

*Note: Sergey Romanov has never dared to bully anyone in person. The guy is a measly 90 lbs soaking wet, yet is quite brave from the relative safety of his apartment with his keyboard shielding him from the blowback of his criminal actions.

Sergey Romanov has engaged in all sorts of disputes, he’s threatened people online, he’s published private email exchanges, he’s published the names address and telephone numbers of those who have disagreed with him publicly. He is connected to Cyber malware attacks, blackmail, theft, hacking, and inciting others to engage in criminal acts. (If this weren’t true we challenge him to take HateBlogWatch to court for slander and libel, but he won’t because its all documented, and all true)

Yet he doesn’t do all of these things alone! In his career as a troll and hate blogger he has made a few friends!

So who in their right mind would pal around with an obvious nutcase like Sergey Romanov you ask?

Well, other kooks, extremists, and hate bloggers that are just like him!  (Here are the main culprits)

Nick Terry (who lectures students at Exeter University) is one such kook!  Some say he’s the mastermind behind the ARC attacks but this has not been verified at this time… more about Nick Terry can be found HERE

Roberto Muehlenkamp is another hate blogger pal… (Roberto is a self-admitted manic depressive who suffers from psychological disorders, and has been on medication for years, he admits this publicly on the Internet and you can read more about this and him  HERE.

We know it’s hard to believe but yet another Internet crazy and associate of Romanov exists, this guy even co-founded the HolocaustControversies hate blog!

Andrew E. Mathis (who has a PHD from Villanova… they must be giving them away for free at Villanova).   He is a well documented extremist, and kook with a history of stalking people online, making threats, creating controversy, harassing anyone who opposes him and is a pretty unpleasant guy. He recently admitted to collecting IP’s of his  online opponents when he moderated the RODOH forum years back, and also publicly threatened the life of the HEART founder (Lisciotto). More on Mathis can be found HERE

As early as 2002 these four whack-jobs began pooling their time and resources to launch a decisive smear campaign designed to attack any and all  Holocaust revisionist websites, forums, boards, blogs found on the Internet. They would even visit conferences and heckle speakers, and distribute literature linking to their hate blogs (except Sergey Romanov of course, who never dares comes out of hiding)

One of the key forums they attacked was revisionist web forum CODOH www.codoh.com and simple searches on that site will reveal posts by these kooks going back as early as the turn of the century. On CODOH you will find accurate representations of the style and approach of the HolocaustControversies gang, yet there are thousands of pieces of evidentiary and enlightening material about them available on the Internet.  It didn’t take long for the fanatic foursome to make a name for themselves as libelous nut jobs, and stalkers! The list of their  new personal enemies amongst revisionists, and even Holocaust scholars began to grow exponentially!

Yet with all their new found infamy, the four fools still felt they were missing something…  they had all the negative notoriety they sought, but they still had no respect. It was Nick Terry who realized that  if they wanted to appear as credible fighters against Holocaust denial, what they were  missing was a credible foundation from which they could all jointly stand.

Romanov had no credible foundation to stand on because he chose to remain anonymous, Nick Terry was on the cusp of some backing as he was currently in process of  conning his way into the USHMM fellows program, Mathis had authored a few moronic fairy tale studies on King Arthur and mythology, and Muehlenkamp had nothing going on his life other than being dumped by his wife.

The Holocaust Controversies hate blog was born! There were a few earlier iterations of the controversial blog (test runs) prior to what can be found on Blogspot.com today. In the early days each of the four founders were listed in the right side frame as owners/founders. They have since removed their names from the hate blog due to negative press, and exposure by the HateBlogWatch organization.

HERE is an example showing what it used to look like (from the waybackmachine.org)

*Note – if you hover over the Action Reinhard Camps link in this archived page from the Holocaust Controversies hate blog, you will see that it links to a (now defunct) counterfeit version of that website with a hyphenated URL www.death-camps.org  proving the HC connection to fakes, forgeries and counterfeits, and proof it was supported by all the HC members! (more on this in the ensuing paragraphs)

click on the image for a larger version

<- and here is a recent screenshot of the notorious hate blog today (try not to laugh to hard at the infamous cut and paste manifesto they are promoting in the image LOL!)

Enter the Action Reinhard Camps website www.deathcamps.org and renowned historian Mr. Chris Webb.

We have already established that Chris Webb is a well respected Holocaust historian and is widely recognized as the global expert on the Treblinka death camp. He maintains one of the largest private collections of original Holocaust related documents and photos in the world. He has been consulted by the BBC, NBC, ABC, the History Channel, the USHMM, Yad Vashem, Bundesarchiv and the Auschwitz memorial.

Mr. Webb launched a website called ARC or the Action Reinhard Camps and the URL was www.deathcamps.org. The website was small at first and he was soon approach by many volunteers who wished to be involved in his new website.

*One of these people was the infamous Michael Peters of Alfstedt, Germany. Peters approached Webb with a Treblinka model he had constructed where he had received input from Treblinka camp survivor Richard Glazar. It was later learned that Glazar who committed suicide was troubled when he learned of the commercial nature of what Michael Peters wanted to do with the model he provided information into. It is widely believed that this one of the issues that pushed Glazar over the edge, but not verified.

Anyone who has ever met, or corresponded with Chris Webb soon realizes the man is a friendly, trusting individual and its easy to understand that he had no reason to suspect anything nefarious about Michael Peters and his offer to contribute photos of his model to the ARC website.

They two became friendly  and Peters joined Chris in the role as model expert and CAD/MAP maker.

Webb’s site began to grow. Aided by several member in the UK and Poland he authored hundreds of pages and donated thousands of pictures from his personal collection to the website.  The ARC website was a gem, it predated almost all other Holocaust related websites and this was the reason that Sergey Romanov and his kooky friends coveted it!

But how could they get their hands on it? How could they steal it from Webb?

The conspiracy to steal ARC was born!

The Holocaust Controversies gang conspired and schemed, they wanted to take ARC from Webb, but knew they would have to find a way gain his trust. Certainly they could offer to volunteer their time, and they did in fact make such offers, they often pushed adding an anti-revisionist forum to ARC.

Chris Webb however had no interest in involving the ARC website into a forum for attacking revisionists. His stance was always that:  the Holocaust happened and there was nothing to debate or deny.

So Sergey tried a new approach, he sensed the underhanded nature of Michael Peters and decided to capitalize on it. Peters wasn’t particularly bright, and it was an easy matter for Romanov to manipulate him and corrupt him to the Holocaust Controversies cause! Somehow Sergey Romanov got Michael Peters to believe that Webb was too old fashioned and didn’t understand websites and how to use technology more successfully. He made Peters believe that ARC would  be better off under him, and perhaps even profitable!  (as we stated earlier neither Romanov or Peters are very bright)

*Note: It is now well known that Michael Peters was always engaged in using the Holocaust for commercial gain. There are plenty of emails on this topic, proving that Peters wanted to make a salary off the Holocaust… in stark contrast to Chris Webb has been funding the ARC websit for over 12 years and has the bills to prove it. (We thank the ARC members for sharing these scanned documents with HateBlogWatch).

The plot thickens!

Regardless of who masterminded the plot to steal ARC, whether it was Nick Terry or Sergey Romanov, what they did next was infamous. They created a person!

Enter Andy Schmidt!

Andy Schmidt was another volunteer that approached Chris Webb in the early days of ARC. The two had never met and only corresponded via email. The relationship was cordial and mutually beneficial as Schmidt appeared to be very interested in the exact same Holocaust related topics as Webb.

However what Webb didn’t know was that Andy Schmidt didn’t actually exist.

There wasn’t a real Andy Schmidt. The man Chris Webb had been corresponding with for months was in fact Michael Peters !

The Holocaust Controversies gang had concocted the plan to create the fictitious Andy Schmidt persona and introduce him to Webb. Schmidt was allegedly  based out of Germany and had access to volumes of SS photos and documents not publicly available. The Andy Schmidt deception came complete with months of bogus email conversations, offers of assistance, praise for Webb and his work, blah blah blah.

They played this ruse for months… building a repoire with the trusting Mr. Webb, who being a genuinely honest person had no reason to mistrust Schmidt. In fact it was the fact Schmidt character who had even volunteered to perform some translation work from German-to-English for Webb on his published version of the ARC website donated to the Wiener library.

What Webb didn’t know is the translation work was actually done by Michael Peters pretending to be Andy Schmidt. The ruse was so cleverly acted out that Chris Webb even credited Andy Schmidt for his efforts in the book, without realizing it was Peters! (this is the reason we believe that Nick Terry masterminded the plot, because Romanov is too stupid to have come up with this one..)

*Note:  Sergey Romanov often points to this publication of ARC at the Wiener Library, in his fabrication of lies, his aim is to imply that Chris Webb did something wrong by publishing his own work. Keep in mind that ARC www.deathcamps.org is and has always been owned, managed and maintained by Chris Webb. Copyrighted in the US, and EU by Webb, etc.

Carmelo Lisciotto and how he became involved!

Chris Webb had made the acquaintance of Mr. Lisciotto in the 1990’s at several historical conventions and the two often corresponded via postal mail and later via email, usually around historical matters relating to mutual interest World War 2 etc.

As Webb’s ARC site began to take off and he began to be approached by BBC and other new agencies to assist with documentary films and television programs, he contacted Lisciotto and asked him if he would like to be involved (this was approximately around 2002-2003).

Lisciotto declined at first, but after repeated attempts by Webb to pull him in, he eventually became associated with  Webb’s ARC group.

Lisciotto acted as a technical resource and would assist Webb in the proper composure of websites and later with setting up the structure for a formalized non-profit organization that would be referred to as “ARCFI” The Action Reinhard Camps Foundation International. The idea was to create a legal entity to which Chris Webb would donate the entire ARC website and much of his personal collection.

News of this initiative reached the ears of Michael Peters who had been secretly working behind the scenes with Sergey Romanov but if the website was donated to an international foundation, they would lose all chances of stealing it and they panicked!

So they concocted a plan that included the creation of fake photos, and documents that they would push to Chris Webb via the fake Andy Schmidt persona, they would then threaten to publicly expose Webb for dealing in forgeries if he didn’t relinquish ARC to them !

(proof of Sergey Romanov’s black mail attempt is detailed via an email from him to Webb and Lisciotto entitled the “ARC Deal” to be found in Part 2)

In addition to the forgeries, they began another underhanded activity of going through all of Webb’s articles and replacing actual source authors and information with their own names… (more on this later).

At this point Romanov was still scheming anonymously in the background with Peters, but when he got wind of the fact that Chris Webb had brought in Carmelo Lisciotto to ARC, he panicked even more! He was afraid Lisciotto would remember him from his trolling and spamming newsgroups on USENET.

We are told from our ARC source that it was right around 2004 that Lisciotto first mentioned to several members of Webb’s group that he found many aspects of Michael Peters personality to be a bit odd…

He raised a concern that Michael Peters had approached him vial email in a scam to defraud the German government of tax revenues relating to an Ebay scheme where he would purchase precious metals (specifically Palladium bars) and have them shipped to Germany from the US, just to get around customs duties and increase his profits.

(this is all documented via email, and EBAY auctions, we would love to see them deny this!). 

Of course Lisciotto would have nothing to do with such actions and told Peters as much, and this began the first of many revelations about the criminal nature of Michael Peters.

The scandal came in the Summer of 2004 when ARC conducted their summer trip to Poland, and members of the team accompanied by guests, toured Holocaust sites throughout Germany, Austria and Poland. On this trip was a young  American student by the name of Tim, (last name withheld) and his father, who attended as the guests of Mr. Lisciotto.

On that trip Michael Peters made inappropriate sexual advances towards young Tim, and almost caused an international incident! Things got so bad that the boys father was ready to kill Peters, and Lisciotto had to whisk the boy and his father off to Vienna  halfway through he scheduled trip just to get them clear of Peters before Tim’s father was possibly arrested for murder!

It was later discovered that this was NOT THE FIRST TIME Michael Peters was embroiled in scandal that involved underage kids, he was also investigated by the German authorities for accusations made by students at the school where he was employed as a teacher (typical predator)!

*Note Michael Peters goes by the name HANS on the RODOH and CODOH forums, as well as the Holocaust Controversies blog. Some pretty nice friends Nick Terry, Roberto and Sergey Romanov pal around with!

It was after the ARC Poland trip and and in the winter of 2005 that Carmelo Lisciotto officially resigned from ARC due to the Michael Peters scandals.

Lisciotto would have nothing to do with such people or activity!  Shortly after his resignation take a guess who is now sudenly introduced to Chris Webb and the ARC group?

None other than Sergey Romanov, Nick Terry, and Roberto Muehlenkamp!

WHAT A COINCIDENCE!   Lisciotto leaves and Romanov shows up! Go figure!

No one in ARC now had any faith in Michael Peters, and with the introduction of these new members from the Holocaust Controversies blog, people began to become ever distrustful.

This was also the time many of the discrepancies began to become noticed, the changes in source information, changes to the ARC bio and removal of the ARCfi by-laws created by Lisciotto and ratified by Chris and owner and the other team members. Stuff just began to disappear and the history of ARC was slowly being rewritten on the pages of the website.
*Note: This only began happening when Michael Peters had FTP access to the website which was right about the time of the Andy Schmidt scandal

All of a sudden and without warning, there was no further contact from Andy Schmidt. Chris wrote to him several times without response. Nothing… dead silence!


Emails begin circulating from Michael Peters and Sergey Romanov that a forged photo sent by Andy Schmidt to Michael Peters was a forgery! Sergey ran a scam where he posted questions about the photo on Axis History forum and other sites inquiring as to authenticity. Michael Peters began to openly accuse Chris Webb of harboring forgeries!
Keep in mind of course that Chris owned ARC, he created it in 2002, and it was now 2006. If Webb wanted to fill his site with forged photos why wait until the emergence of Sergey Romanov and Nick Terry to start doing so.  Are you starting to see the pattern here?

Of course Chris had nothing to do with the fake photos. They were created by Romanov and Peters, at best all that Chris Webb is guilty of his being trusting and for being duped by Sergey Romanov and Michael Peters with the fake Andy Schmidt persona.

*Note we have postal envelopes sent to Chris Webb by Michael Peters, and also some alleged to be sent by Andy Schmidt and professional handwriting analysts were brought in to check it, and the hand writing of Peters and the fake Andy is identical! (we have photos of this and legal reports should Peters and Romanov choose to deny it in a court of law)!

By now Chris Webb had had enough of Michael Peters, Sergey Romanov, Nick Terry and Roberto Muehlenkamp! He conferred with the remaining honest members of ARC and they asked him to contact none other than Carmelo Lisciotto to forensically investigate technical access to the ARC website files and review of FTP logs to prove what Peters and Romanov had done!

The next day the entire ARC website was gone! DELETED! DESTROYED!

Michael Peters heard of the plan to bring back Lisciotto, Sergey Romanov panicked and told him to delete everything on the website and Peters did so! Chris issued an edict booting Peters and Romanov from ARC but it was already too late, and thus began the vandalizing of the ARC website explained here: http://www.deathcamps.org/arc/

However Peters is an idiot without technical knowledge and certainly he was no technical match to Carmelo Lisciotto!

Lisciotto came in and was able to show the upload history and logs detailing access to the site as coming from Peters home IP address!  Unfortunately that didn’t help with the vandalized files in their formatted versions, which were destroyed by Michael Peters in a mad rush to dispose of the evidence.

Webb was forced to undergo a labor intensive and expensive project to restore the ARC website!

In the meantime, Lisciotto, Webb had been working on a new website with a new team they formed called the Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team (H.E.A.R.T) and the website was called The HolocaustResearchProject www.HolocaustResearchProject.org  and this new group would focus on a broader study of the Holocaust encompassing more detail than Action Reinhard.

During the restoration of ARC, Webb and Lisciotto posted a note on the old ARC URL informing people of the new H.E.A.R.T website and included a link to the site so there would be something at the www.deathcamps.org URL for visitors to see, while they rebuilding what Sergey and Peters destroyed!

Note: Sergey even posts about this in his litany of hate smears against ARC and H.E.A.R.T

Immediately following the booting of Terry, Peters and Romanov from the ARC group, a smear campaign was launched by Sergey Romanov (fully sanctioned and supported by Nick Terry of Exeter) on the Holocaust Controversies blog accusing Webb of dealing in forgeries and vandalizing his own website.

(question)  Why would Webb vandalize his own website?

Sergey Romanov immediately revealed himself to Carmelo Lisciotto by sending him a series of harassaing and inflammatory emails, including several forged emails he sent to Holocaust institutions and historians (claiming to be from Lisciotto).  Lisciotto then drafted a note to all parties apologizing for the Sergey Romanov harassment and received hundreds of letters of support from the USHMM, Yad Vashem, Scholars and historians in the US, UK, Germany and Poland, explaining the Sergey emails, the vandalized website, the smear attacks etc.

*Note A conveniently packaged zip file with all of the forensic documentation was sent to many of the prominent scholars (most of which will now have nothing to do with Nick Terry, Sergey Romanov or Roberto Muehlenkamp).

But the Holocaust Controversies smear campaign against Webb was doing nothing to give Sergey Romanov and Nick Terry what they really wanted, which was full control of the ARC website, they could always attack innocent people on the Internet, they’ve been doing that for years, (any quick Google search on Sergey Romanov or Holocaust Controversies proves that). But they wanted the website!

The Counterfeit ARC!

This was when Romanov had the brilliant idea of creating a counterfeit version of Chris Webbs site and call it  www.death-camps.org (note the hyphen).  Michael Peters had created a backup copy of the real ARC www.deathcamps.org and then registered his hyphenated version through another one of his boy-toys in Vienna who he made the registrar.

Then Peters went on a malicious campaign to change all Internet Links on Wikipedia or other forums to reflect his counterfeit version, here are some links showing this (there are literally thousands of these, here are just a few)


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Sergey_Romanov  (this is funny)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Administrators%27_noticeboard/IncidentArchive219  (scroll down and read about ARC)

http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=80831&start=0#p987757  ( take a guess who Fritz the Rat is)  None other than Michael Peters!

Deathcamps.org WHOIS http://www.deathcamps.org/news/  (note the date formed and who the owner is! 2002 Chris Webb)

ARC Restored!

In December of 2006 after over a month of being offline the genuine Action Reinhard Camps website www.deathcamps.org was fully restored!  You can read more about the restoration, including the Wiki “deathcamps” link war here:

http://deathcamps.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2007-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&updated-max=2008-01-01T00:00:00-08:00&max-results=9  Have a glance through the articles, they are a real eye-opener about the criminal Sergey Romanov and his hate blog!

The original ARC site restoration through the Holocaust Controversies criminals for a loop! Now there were two version of ARC on line, the real one, and the counterfeit with the hyphen!

What to do about this?

Well Chris Webb took the legal/legitimate route and had contacted ISP’s and Copyright authorities. While Sergey Romanov took the road of slander and libel, preferring to attack (as usual) from behind the protection of anonymity.

Have a read through this:

Sergey Romanov has tried to justify his lies through a lamely fabricated narrative that only a moron would believe!  http://holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.com/2007/04/webb-lisciotto-farce-goes-on-now-they.html

Sergey Romanov succeeded in nothing, while Chris Webb succeeded in having the counterfeit version banned from Google searches, banned form MSN, from Yahoo, and eventually Wikipedia!  See proof:


Romanov and Peters were moving the counterfeit website from country to country in order to keep Webb from having it legally removed. So Webb & Lisciotto simply ensured it never appeared in any Internet search results effectively rendering it dead, with no visitors!

(Way to go Chris & Carmelo!)

But Nick Terry of Exeter (Exeter officials must be truly ashamed of that guy) openly supported the counterfeit version on the CODOH forum, on RODOH, on the Holocaust Controversies hate blog too. Andrew Mathis was now pissed off and began to take out his frustration on Carmelo Lisciotto, making harassing phone calls, issuing a constant stream of threats and accusations etc.

In the meantime, Webb began to go through the ARC site and cleanup all the crap, fakes, lies, false sources, sub-sites that users were complaining about, in particular Webb was receiving thousands of emails about Michael Peters horrible Holocaust artwork and a subsite by a nutcase called John Ulrich Poulsen dedicated to “Gates and Mottos” that were nothing but a veiled glorification of National Socialism.

Webb removed all this crap and formally announced that ARC would be archived indefinitely. That no new articles would be created, and ARC would be maintained indefinitely.

The age of H.E.A.R.T

Stay tuned for [Part 2]  

…believe it or not this gets even worse!


Copyright 2012 HateBlogWatch www.NaziHunter.net  No portion of this work may be reproduced without the explicit permission of the HateBlogWatch Team!

Nick Terry – Holocaust hate blogger and Exeter kook gets bitch slapped!

rollo the ganger
PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 11:27 am

Joined: Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:34 pm Posts: 1197

Blogbuster wrote:
rollo the ganger wrote:
Nick “who?”

Some fat little guy who likes to stir up trouble on the internet, he poisons minds of British youth at Exeter University in the UK

Oh, THAT Nick.  Professor Porky.

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Charles Traynor
PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:33 pm
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Joined: Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:53 pm Posts: 576

Nick Terry owes everything he now has to his previous involvement in this forum. He did not gain what little holohoax respect he now has by hard work or academic achievement; he got them by default because of the notoriety he had built up by being a member of RODOH.
He can hide over at JREF for as long as he likes, but he needs to understand the Jews will never forgive him for his past sins. Game over, Nick; you will never appear in a National Geographic holohoax documentary alongside Debs Lipstadt or Michael Berenbaum.
_________________ Kitty Hart-Moxon (1998): “Believe me, I came into Auschwitz in a much worse condition than I actually left it.”

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rollo the ganger
PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:06 am

Joined: Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:34 pm Posts: 1197

Didn’t the “professor of rotundity” have another project regarding gas chambers or something like that in the works?  Did he ever finish it?  His last copy-pasta magnum opus went over like a lead balloon.  I wonder if this one will do any better.  He was certainly taking a lot of time on it.

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Charles Traynor
PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:12 pm
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Joined: Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:53 pm Posts: 576

I’ve been wondering the same thing myself, Rollo. NT originally made a big fuss over his Gas Chamber Report and now the silence surrounding the project has become deafening. This is what he had to say last Septemer (2012):

I’m going to be very blunt now. I have been spending a lot of the last six months doing little else but researching and writing about gas chambers, and will be doing so for at least the next three months. Professionally, for publication purposes.
_________________ Kitty Hart-Moxon (1998): “Believe me, I came into Auschwitz in a much worse condition than I actually left it.”

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 4:06 pm
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Charles Traynor wrote:
Nick Terry owes everything he now has to his previous involvement in this forum. He did not gain what little holohoax respect he now has by hard work or academic achievement; he got them by default because of the notoriety he had built up by being a member of RODOH.
He can hide over at JREF for as long as he likes, but he needs to understand the Jews will never forgive him for his past sins. Game over, Nick; you will never appear in a National Geographic holohoax documentary alongside Debs Lipstadt or Michael Berenbaum.

Hi Charles, he absolutely owes any respectability to RODOH and his demise is owed to his nefarious activities associated with the HC hate blog.
He is washed up as any potential historian. Who will trust this guy? Its well published all over the Internet about his involvement fakes and forgeries, (even though he tried to have these posts quashed). The recent John Ulrich Poulsen emails prove is first hand involvement in website counterfeiting is even worse than originally expected.
He and his criminal pals compiled their plagiaristic Cut and Paste Manifesto which went NOWHERE, then they ran from responding to the REV’s who called them out on it.
Cowards, pigs and kooks… definitely NOT HISTORIANS!
Rollo, the only gas chamber professor porky is an expert on his very own living room which I would bet big money is consumed by his own noxious fumes… (i.e his ass)

RODOH dedicates forum to exposing Hate criminals from the HolocaustControversies blog!

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